Acquaint Co., Ltd., offers a wide range of PR and IR services.

We provide support for companies' PR activities in Japan, including preparing and distributing press releases, providing media relations services, producing websites in Japanese, setting up press conference and arranging participation in exhibitions.

Our extensive experience in the IR field enables us to assist with the preparation of financial materials and the organization of financial presentations—specialized services that are outside the capabilities of most PR firms.

〈Investor Relations〉

Acquaint provides a full range of advanced services that support companies' efforts to communicate with shareholders and investors.

Services for Clients with Existing IR Programs
Acquaint works with its clients, providing tailored services that help improve the effectiveness of current IR activities and ease the burden of related administrative matters.

Services for Clients Planning to Launch IR Programs
Acquaint assists clients with all aspects of IR program development, from planning through to execution.

〈List of Services〉
  • IR strategy planning
  • IR advisory services
  • Support for overseas investor presentations
  • Translation of financial reports, medium-term business plans and other materials
  • Production of annual reports, fact books, websites, advertisements and other IR tools
〈Public Relations〉

Acquaint's extensive menu of PR services ranges from the planning of communications strategies to media relations, production of PR materials, and translation and interpreting.

〈Services for the corporate planning, PR, IR and general administrative departments of companies and financial institutions〉
  • Advice on the formulation of corporate messages
  • Planning of communications strategies
  • Media relations
  • Preparation of presentation materials for use overseas
  • Production of CSR reports
  • Production of corporate brochures and newsletters
  • Translation and interpreting, DTP
〈Services for the trading and overseas marketing departments of companies〉
  • Product and service promotions for overseas markets
  • Overseas media relations
〈Services for institutional investors, embassies and consulates and foreign-owned firms in Japan〉
  • Promotional initiatives in the Japanese market
  • Media relations

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